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Our team has extensive experience and specialization in various areas of working with text. We will help you find a specialist for your book

Text proofreading order gpt book online

Text proofreading

Text editing order gpt book online

Text editing

word processing order gpt book online

word processing

Abstract and review order gpt book online

Abstract and review


Text translation order gpt book online

Text translation

Text proofreading

If you want to get a book without errors, entrust this work to our professional proofreaders. The finished text will not put you in an awkward position, since it will not contain typos and annoying errors.

Order Text proofreading GPT Book Online
text editing order GPT Book Online

text editing

The editor will correct stylistic errors in the text. The material after processing by our specialist will become more understandable, instead of unsuccessful phrases or sentences (and sometimes entire paragraphs), correct options will be offered, taking into account the author’s style and the idea inherent in the work.

word processing

Literary presentation of the idea or plot. You entrust us with the outline of the work, and we fill it with content: we completely rework the entire text or write the work again according to the plot of the author. The book is published under the name of the author of the idea.

Order Literary word processing GPT
Order Writting annotation GPT Book Online


Annotation: a concise description, as well as a brief description of the work. This is an advertisement for the book for those who opened it for the first time. Review: a review of the book with its detailed critical analysis. The main purpose of creating a review is to draw attention to a new book. We will write it as objectively as possible, without excessive emotions, so as not to arouse a feeling of distrust in the reader.


Relevant if you have handwritten material for a future book, but its volume is too large, and you do not undertake to translate the text into electronic format yourself. Our professional typesetters will quickly and accurately digitize a manuscript of any size. This will save you from unnecessary trouble and many days of routine work.

Order Typing GPT Book Online
Order Text translation GPT Book Online

Text translation

Literary translation of text of any complexity from English. Professional translators and editors work on the translation, each translation includes proofreading by a native speaker, in the review mode it is possible to work together with the author. We will translate your text not only into English, but also into other 44 languages!

Help at any stage of creating your book

Not sure how to start publishing your book? Our academy is a great place to start.

Lacking writing skills

Lacking writing skills?

Let us help you turn your idea into a real book. A literary specialist will write a text according to your story, it is enough to give him a short plan or a draft.

How much does it cost to work with text

Proofreading1000 characters 1$
Editing1000 characters 2$
Literary text processing1000 characters 5$
Annotation writing1 edition65$
Writing a review1 edition80$
Writing a book1000 characters 10$
Typewritten text1000 characters 1$
Handwriting typing1000 characters 2$
Translation of the text1000 characters 15$

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