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Book writing – A literary specialist will help you complete the book, preserving the author’s style

How to become a book author

You know how to invent interesting stories, you know many fascinating stories from life. It seems like it’s time to bring your ideas to life by writing your own book? A nice dream, but without literary experience it is very difficult to fulfill it. You will have to study the theory of literature, rewrite and edit the text many times …

Try the easier way – find an experienced “ghost pen”! This is a literary specialist who will write a text based on your story, it is enough to give him a short plan or draft.

Editus publishing house offers the services of “shadow authors” who work with works of art. Our specialists are well versed in the theory of literature and have extensive creative experience. We will transform your idea into a real book in accordance with your requirements and wishes.

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Who are the feather ghosts?

Pen ghosts or shadow authors are the unsung heroes of thousands of bestsellers – writers who have been used for several centuries to write various textual content: from celebrity autobiographies to business books and even works of fiction. If you have an important story to tell but don’t have the writing skills or the time to get it down on paper, you can hire a ghostwriter to bring your idea to a real book.

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How do pen ghosts work?

At the beginning, the author provides a draft or plot of the work: a list of facts, characters and their actions, a chronology of events. On this basis, the “ghost pen” will continue to write your book. Every detail is agreed with the author – from the number of chapters to the color of the eyes of the characters.

After discussing and clarifying the details, we select a suitable ghostwriter whose literary language and style suits you. Then we get to work.

How it works?

01 Cost calculation

Click on the button “Send a request for calculation” and write to us what you want to receive

02 Interview

After payment, we will discuss your idea in detail and select an author who will bring your idea to perfection

03 Writing a book

The ghostwriter gets to work, we send you the chapters of your book as soon as they are ready

04 Approval

The finished chapters of your book must be checked and, if necessary, corrected.

05 Edition

Once your book is fully written and approved, we begin the publishing process!

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