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We will assign an ISBN to your publication, write an annotation and fully prepare the layout of the e-book.

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We will place information about your book on popular online stores and launch advertising on social networks.

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We provide sales statistics for your book across all stores in one report every quarter.

You can put up for sale a paper and/or electronic edition completely free of charge when ordering layout, cover design and proofreading.

Paper Edition

The printed edition is more familiar, it is a “material” evidence your his literary work. It can be effectively signed and given to friends, enjoying their impression. The circulation of a paper book is more expensive, because it costs production power, labor, printing materials. Yes, and it takes time more. Printed books are distributed through stores, but they won’t last forever stand on
stand with novelties. You need to think about the promotion and advertising of the publication.

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Ebook Edition

An e-book is more convenient than a paper edition, it can be read from any electronic device.
I wrote an e-book, designed it, found a suitable platform for publications – and now it is already available to readers!
E-books are downloaded by readers immediately after payment, they are easier promote through social networks and websites.
As with the paper version, the cover design needs to be carefully thought out to stand out among the many books, and the layout needs to be prepared to be readable on any device.

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“We express our sincere gratitude to the entire team of the GPT Book Online publishing house, especially to the manager John, with whom there was all communication from the very first consultation to the publication of the book and its delivery to the address. You made the impossible possible! We released a book in a short time, speeding up all business processes at every stage: invoicing, answers to our questions, layout, printing, necessary approvals, and more. You really gave us a gift, because the book arrived exactly on the birthday of our company, which turned 10 years old, not to mention the fact that, in principle, it arrived earlier than the agreed date – it was just WOW! Thank you again for your customer focus and ability to hear the customer!”

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