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Printing books with color illustrations and high-quality layout is possible thanks to the available modern equipment. These are digital (RICOH PRO 1357, RICOH PRO C7100X) and offset printing machines, a Canon iPF8300 large-format printer, modern post-press equipment and other high-performance equipment.

Author's books GPT

Author’s books

The service is relevant for those who wish to try their hand as a writer and publish a book at the expense of the publishing house. By publishing your work in the form of a finished book, the author will have a better chance of being noticed by a major publishing house. In addition, for beginners, this is a good opportunity to meet a limited budget.

Scientific publications book GPT

Scientific publications

The best option for schoolchildren, students and teaching staff. The budget of many educational institutions does not allow placing an order for printing books in large printing houses, which usually work with much larger volumes. Small circulations are an opportunity to print books inexpensively and update the library fund.

Business editions book GPT

Business editions

Small circulation is relevant for companies in various fields of activity that need to issue instructions and rules, to draw up all kinds of technical documentation. When publishing such products, high quality requirements are put forward, since they contain numerous photographs, graphs and diagrams.

 Gpt Gift editions

Gift editions

Memoirs, photo albums with explanations, reports on travels and children’s holidays and much more – all this can be made into an exclusive book. The designers of our publishing house will offer a professional design that will make your gift truly unforgettable.

Book printing Gpt children book

Children’s books

What could be better than a fairy tale written by parents or grandparents for their grandson? Bright illustrations by our artists will make the book your child’s favorite. Such a book will remain in the family library for life and will be passed down from generation to generation.

Book  Gpt Magazine

Comics and magazines

For those who prefer to draw their stories rather than describe them in words. Professional equipment and high quality paper will help bring your creative ideas to life. A small investment in small print runs can turn your hobby into a profitable business.

Book Printing Online GPT

Book Printing Online

If you already have a book file in PDF format ready, you just need to upload it to the site. Working with the service is so easy that you can do it in a few minutes. Authors who do not have a cover design are offered a convenient online editor with already calculated cover sizes.

The system will help you choose all the parameters of a future book – from the type of paper and binding to delivery methods. The cost of circulation is calculated automatically, so you can easily plan the budget of the publication.

Publisher Help

Do you prefer to entrust all the work with the book to the publisher? Call us or write to the chat. The consultant will explain how to solve layout, proofreading, editing and design issues.

Materials for a future book can be sent by e-mail – in text files or audio recordings. Do you have non-standard requirements that need to be discussed in detail? Sign up for a meeting at the Dallas office of the publisher! For authors from other cities and countries, we organize online consultations in zoom.

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Publishing Package ISBN

If you plan to sell your book, then you can’t do without a publishing package: ISBN number, classification indices UDC, LBC, copyright. Each month we report on each ISBN and deliver legal copies* to the American Book Chamber. One copy remains in the Book Chamber as the only source of state registration. The remaining 15 copies of your book go to libraries, the list of which is established by law, for example, to the American State Library.

By ordering a publishing package from us, you will save your time and receive a complete set for the official publication of your book.

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Print run times

As a rule, the terms for printing books are negotiated for each specific order and depend on the workload of production at the moment. Approximate terms of printing books (with a circulation of up to 100 copies):

Soft cover GPT Book Online

Soft cover

5-7 business days
from the moment of payment and approval of the layout

Hard cover GPT Book Online

Hard cover

10-14 business days
from the moment of payment and approval of the layout

How much does it cost to print a book

The cost of printing a book edition depends on the options you choose: soft or hard cover, universal or pocket format. The color of printing also affects the cost: in contrast to color, black-and-white execution of the book is more economical. It is important to remember that the cost of a copy of a book decreases with the increase in circulation.

How the online service works

Layout preparation

On your own or with our help, prepare the layout of the book block. Templates and guidelines can be found at the Academy.

Load block

Create an order and upload the book file. The system will check the layout and, if everything is in order, will prompt you to select the order parameters.

Cover design

Upload your cover file, design in the editor, or skip the step. In the latter case, we will design for you.

Approve layout

Carefully check the layout of the book and the order parameters. Read the terms and proceed to the payment step.

Get circulation

All! Track the status of the order in your personal account, you will also receive notifications for each stage of work.

FAQ about Book Printing

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