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Cover Design

The cover, being the face of the book, should grab the attention of the reader. Proper cover design is the most effective way to convey the general concept of the book and its mood. Therefore, we approach each book individually.

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Standard design

Includes book title, author name, texture background and provided image

Finished Design GPT Book

Finished Design

Pre-designed cover layout with a unique design from our store >

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Individual design

Cover layout with selection of illustrations and unlimited edits

Order Premium Design GPT Book

Premium Design

Includes up to three design concepts that reflect the story of the book

Jacket Art Book GPT

It is important to know:

  • The layout is developed individually for each project, taking into account your wishes.
  • Corresponds to the content of the book.
  • Takes into account the peculiarities of the visual perception of the reader.
  • Meets modern quality standards in the field of book printing.
  • All covers are full color, with matte or glossy lamination (depending on your preferences).

Cover design for any genre

GPT Online Book Cover
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Example GPT Book Cover Design
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Book Layout

A well-made layout is another strong argument in favor of a book being read by a potential reader. To do this, our experts think through everything to the smallest detail: each component of the publication is carefully verified and agreed with you.

Order Simple layout GPT Book

Simple layout

The text does not contain complex elements: formulas, tables, a large number of footnotes and multiple text formatting.

Order Teamplate layout GPT Book

Template layout >

The ready-made text layout template without complex elements and the possibility of making changes, minimum time and cost.

Order Black and white layout GPT

Black and white layout

The text contains complex elements: formulas, tables, figures and graphs, a large number of footnotes and multiple text formatting.

Order Color layout GPT Book

Color layout

Use of color graphic and text elements, includes individual page design

Book illustration

Illustrations are the highlight of any publication. They make the book lively, interesting and enjoyable to read. Stylized illustrations emphasize the spirit and the whole idea of the book. We cooperate with illustrators working in different techniques, which allows us to design books of any subject in a colorful and meaningful way.

Order Color illustrations GPT Book

Color illustrations

Located in the text of the book; can be performed in different execution techniques; a scene from a book is reflected at the choice of the artist or at the request of the author.

Order Black and white illustrations GPT Book

Black and white illustrations

Optimal for black and white publications; after getting acquainted with the text of the plot and the description of the characters, the artist provides a sketch for approval.

Order Character illustration GPT Book

Character illustration

Displays the main characters of the book; the artist provides his vision of the character according to the description in the form of a sketch, which is agreed with the author.

Order Cover illustration GPT Book

Cover illustration

Reflects the climax, as well as its main characters, conveys the ideological content of the book according to the author’s intention or at the discretion of the artist.

Illustration with a neural network

Order Jacket Art by GPT Book Online

Book Design Cost

Cost Cover Design

Cover Design

With neural network150$
Finished design from
Cost Layout books

Layout books

Complex (band)1$
Magazine (strip)2$
Price Book illustration

Book illustration

With a neural network20$
Black and white40$
To the cover200$

How we are working

Step 1

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Step 2

Describe your idea
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Step 3

Pay for the order
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Step 4

Approve your design
In the near future we will develop and send ready-made design layouts that you can agree on and correct.

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