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Book Advertisement – We will make sure that as many readers as possible know about your book

Do you dream of becoming a recognizable author?

So, it’s time to think about how you will promote it. Doing advertising on your own and signing contracts with bookstores is difficult and troublesome. And do it better as soon as possible so that your literary work is immediately noticed by readers.

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Book placement is free for authors, as we work for a commission on sales. When ordering a book promotion, our advertising specialists will determine the target audience of your book and select the most effective sales channels.

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We will assign an ISBN to your publication, write an annotation and fully prepare book layouts in the required formats

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at leading venues

We will place information about your book on popular online stores and launch advertising on social networks

Keep sales under

We provide sales statistics for your book across all stores in one report every quarter

If the first print run is actively sold out, we continue the advertising campaign. Books that have won the popularity of readers are reprinted at the expense of the publisher!

Book Advertisement

More than a million publications are printed annually in the world. In this literary ocean, even the most talented book is easily lost. To attract the attention of readers, effective methods of promotion are needed.

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You don’t have to negotiate with stores yourself, set up various types of advertising and spend a budget on testing them.

Depending on the genre of the book, our team of PR specialists, marketers, and analysts develops a promotion strategy, which includes: the development of advertising banners, the creation of a personal page for the author, targeted advertising on social networks, and analytical tracking of campaign results. Upon completion of the advertising campaign, we send a report and calculation of the fee. Depending on the results, we agree on a further strategy with the author.

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