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Audio book – Have you already published the book in paper form? Try a new audio format

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A service for those who have already published and promoted their book in print and want to try a new audio format. This type of book can be used in various directions:

  • Authors to promote their books and personal brand
  • In business, as an additional marketing tool
  • In the educational field, for example, audio recording of teaching aids
  • For personal use, for example, an audio fairy tale with a child in the title role or the story of your family

Working on creating an audiobook is a difficult and multi-stage process, as a result of which you will receive a work that you don’t want to pause!

Any literary genre

A professional recording team will prepare an audiobook of any genre and direction on a turnkey basis. Depending on the category of your book, you can choose the type of voice acting:

Single Voice

Make Audio book GPT Online

Group Voice Acting

Produce Audio book

Audio Performance

Cost of an audio book

The cost depends on the complexity and number of speakers involved or the coordination of additional work. Leave a request, specify how many voices you need, what timbre and tempo, type of work and amount of material

How it works?

01 Cost calculation

Click on the button “Send a request for calculation” and write to us what you want to receive

02 Casting

We select suitable voices, select the speaker(s) and send you a test fragment of the future audiobook

03 Coordination

You evaluate the quality, if necessary, add comments and suggestions for changing the announcer

04 Recording

We record your audiobook in the studio in accordance with all technical standards

05 Installation

Editing, cleaning, mixing, mastering, adding musical beats, checking for errors, and your audiobook is ready!

FAQ about Audio book

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