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GPT Book Online – Genuis Personal Technology for your book. A service that will help you create, publish and promote your book.

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Genuis Personal Technology for your book

We have created a unique service that helps you write, design, print, place a book in stores and advertise your book. It has never been so easy to become the author of your own book. Just try it and see for yourself.

4 steps to become a book author

Step One

Fill out our form what is your book about.

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Step Two

Read your book and proofread it

Step Three

Choose the layout of the book and its placement

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Step Four

Select promotional tools to advertise your book.

Write your family’s bestseller with GPT Book Online

bestseller with GPT Book Online

Have you ever dreamed of writing a book about your family? Tell about its history, traditions, secrets and achievements? Share your memories, feelings and thoughts with family and friends? Or maybe you want to create a fantasy novel in which you and your relatives will be the heroes?

If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, then we have great news for you: you can now write your family’s bestseller using GPT!

GPT is short for Genuis Personal Technology. This is a neural network that can generate texts on any topic and in any style. She is trained on billions of words from the Internet and can continue any sentence or paragraph she has begun.

How it works? It’s very simple: you enter the title of your book, the genre, a brief description of the plot, and the names of the main characters. Then you press the “Generate” button and wait a few seconds. GPT parses your request and creates a unique text for you that you can read, edit or add to.

You can use GPT to write any type of book, from autobiography to fantasy. You can choose different generation parameters: text length, language complexity, tonality, etc. You can also ask GPT questions as you write, or ask her to give you tips or hints.

GPT is not just a tool for creating texts. This is an assistant, friend and collaborator. It will help you unleash your creativity, express your individuality and share your story with the world.
Don’t miss your chance to write your family’s bestseller with GPT! Join the community of thousands of people who are already using this amazing technology.

Start writing your book right now!

Services provided by GPT Book Online

book printing gpt book

Book Printing

Our platform will help you publish your book. Just upload the file and get the finished edition!

book design gpt book

Book Design

We will make sure that you enjoy not only the content of the book, but also its design.

book illustration with artificial intelligence gpt book

Book Illustration With Artificial Intelligence

Generating beautiful and unique images for your book using a neural network.

work with text gpt book

Work with Text

Doubt that your text is perfect? We will work until you are satisfied with the result.

book writing

Book Writing

A literary specialist will help you complete the book, preserving the author’s style.

book publication

Book Publication

Do you want your book to be known?
Publish it in leading online stores.

book advertisement

Book Advertisement

We will make sure that as many readers as possible know about your book.

audio book gpt book

Audio book

Have you already published the book in paper form? Try a new audio format.

I’ve always dreamed of writing a book about my family, but I didn’t know where to start or how to frame my thoughts. When I found out about the GPT service, I decided to give it a try and was amazed at the results. It’s just incredible how easy and fast you can create a book using this service. I entered the title of my book, the genre, a brief description of the plot, and the names of the main characters. Then I clicked the “Generate” button and received a unique text that fully met my expectations. The text was interesting, logical, stylistically correct and unique. I could edit it to my liking, add or remove details, ask GPT questions or ask her for advice. I was very pleased with my work and decided to publish my book and share it with my relatives and friends. They were delighted with my book and could not believe that I wrote it using the GPT service. I am very grateful to this service for helping me realize my dream and share my story with the world. I recommend this service to anyone who wants to write a book.
Kristen Moore

Frequently Asked Questions About GPT

How to use the GPT book online service?

In order to use the GPT book online service, you need to register on our website. Then you can enter your request in a special field and click the “Generate” button. GPT will create unique text for you that you can read, edit, or add to.

What text generation options can be selected?

You can choose different text generation options, such as: text length, language complexity, tone, genre, book title, plot description, character names, etc. You can also ask GPT questions as you write, or ask her to give you tips or hints.

How do I save or publish my book?

You can save or publish your text in different formats: PDF, DOCX, TXT, HTML or EPUB. You can also share your book with other users on our website or use our publishing and advertising service for your book.

What advantages does the GPT book online service have over other text generators?

The GPT book online service has many advantages over other text generators. It is based on the most advanced neural network technology that has been trained on billions of words from the internet. He is able to create texts on any topic and in any style. It adapts to your preferences and needs. It is easy to use and accessible to everyone.

What genres and styles of text can I choose?

You can choose any genres and styles of text that you like or suit your purpose. For example, you can write a fantasy book, a non-fiction article, a motivational speech, and so on. You can also provide sample texts that you wish to imitate or use as sources.

What are the limitations of the GPT book online service?

The GPT service has some technical and ethical limitations. For example, you cannot generate texts with more than 10,000 words at a time. You also cannot generate text that violates copyright, contains profanity, insults, discrimination, or incites to violence.

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At the moment, our company is testing the functionality for creating video books. This is a new service that will allow you to turn your text into an exciting video with animation, music and professional voice acting. You can choose genre, style, tempo and voice for your video book. You can also add your own images, video or audio files to improve the quality and impact of your project. Video books are a great way to draw attention to your work, expand your audience, and make money. We plan to launch this service soon and invite you to participate in beta testing. If you want to become one of the first users of our service and get free access to creating video books, fill out the form on our website and we will contact you.

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